Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Miami Accommodations

5. Revisit the Same Hotel. You may be able to get great deals at Miami hotels when you stay at the same place (or the same hotel chain) each time you travel. When you book your room, mention that you’ve previously stayed at their hotel. They want your repeat business and may offer you a better rate – or, at the very least, an upgraded room.

4. Try Haggling. In some cases, you can negotiate a room rate at a budget hotel in Miami, but it's important to do this tactfully. Present your initial offer so that it doesn't create a combative exchange. For example, you can ask if they might consider dropping their rate by 10 percent. Sometimes, you'll get a positive response, but if you get a solid "no" or the person seems offended, let it go.

3. Surf the Web for Deals. The Internet can help you save money on virtually everything, including Miami hotel rooms. It takes a bit more confidence to book your Miami vacations online, but you can find great rewards.

2. Timing Is Everything. When it comes to getting a good deal on Miami accommodations, timing can be everything. One of the easiest ways to trim your travel budget is to go off-season. You'll also save on airfare, and you might appreciate some additional perks, like shorter lines.

1. Use Membership Programs and Occupational Advantages. AAA and AARP members often qualify for reduced hotel rates. The same holds true for people in certain occupations, such as educators and military personnel. If you are either of these or work for a nonprofit organization, mention it when making reservations for your Miami vacation.


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