Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 5 Attractions in Miami

Miami is full of great tourist attractions for visitors and residents. This list presents some of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. Most hotels in Miami are close to these attractions and some even offer tours and discounts during your Miami vacation.

1. Metro Zoo
The Miami Metro Zoo is quickly becoming one of the best zoos in the nation. Its favorable climate allows it to keep a wide variety of animals from Asia, Australia and Africa, unlike others zoos in the country. Animals are grouped according to their geographic region and animals that live together peacefully in the wild are placed together in the same exhibits. Hotels near Miami Zoo are abundant and usually offer reasonable prices.

2. Seaquarium
The Miami Seaquarium is located in the causeway between downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. It's a fabulous stop where you can experience an outdoor aquarium that's only possible in Miami’s tropical climate. Be sure to allocate enough time to see this attraction during your Miami vacation because there is plenty to see.

3. Monkey Jungle
Monkey Jungle in southern Miami is a truly unique park and a must-see attraction during your Miami holiday. While humans walk through carefully constructed pathways, many species of primates fly above your head, swing through trees and interact with each other just like they do in the wild.

4. Coral Castle
Coral Castle is a true monument to the uniqueness of Miami and the power of love. This attraction was built by a Latvian-born Miami resident named Ed Leedskalnin as a monument to his lover. After 28 years of hard work, he introduced his 1100-ton coral creation to the world. It's a bit of a drive from downtown, but well worth the trip. Coral Castle is near many budget hotels in Miami.

5. Vizcaya
A visit to Miami is simply not complete without a stop at the historical 50-acre Vizcaya estate. This European-style mansion offers a glimpse of life in turn-of-the-century South Florida. It's also an extremely popular venue for galas, Miami weddings and other events.



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