Thursday, September 25, 2014

Top 5 Apps When Traveling to Miami

Smartphones can be very helpful on a business or vacation trip. Take advantage of apps specifically designed for the Greater Miami area with detailed maps and tracking systems. Below are our top 5 favorite apps when traveling to Miami.

1. Miami Essential Guide
The Miami Essentials app informs you about the best attractions, nightclubs, shopping, restaurants and hotels in Miami. Don’t waste time on pricey tourist traps during your vacation. Whether you're looking for a cultural event, outdoor excursion, romantic escape or a family attraction, this app will help you maximize your visit to Miami.

2. Miami Map and Walks
This app offers a detailed city map to assist you in exploring the Miami area and locate popular hot spots. City map functions include search, location bookmarking, movement auto-tracking functions and much more.

3. Miami-Dade Transit Tracker
Miami-Dade Transit's proprietary mobile app is the only official transit mobile app from Miami-Dade County. With this application, you'll find accurate, real-time information on transit services in the Greater Miami area. See estimated arrival times of buses, trains, and mover cars approaching your stop/station. You can also save your favorite stops and stations as favorites.

4. Miami Cheap Eats & Street Food
Miami is a cultural stew like no other in the United States. It’s a melting pot of Caribbean and Latin American flavors, European finesse, and old-school Americana. This app allows you to find everything from burgers and pizza to affordable ethnic cuisine.

5. Zoo Miami
The Zoo Miami mobile app is essential for any visitor spending the day at this popular attraction. Its interactive GPS facility map allows visitors to locate the nearest exhibits, shows, concessions, and restrooms.

The friendly staff at the Comfort Suites Miami Hotel will be glad to answer any questions associated with events and hot spots that you may find when using these apps during your trip.



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