Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hurricane Proof Miami Hotels

If you’re planning to travel to Miami from June 1 to November 30, which is officially hurricane season, then feel at ease knowing that our hurricane proof Miami hotel is designed to withstand extreme weather and strong winds of up to 250 mph. Our building features reinforced interior and exterior concrete walls, shatterproof windows, and a complete power backup system through a natural gas generator, which provides electricity and air conditioning during and after a hurricane.

Comfort Suites Miami Hotel’s weather-resistant construction also offers a soundproof environment during the worst storms. That means you can relax in your room and quietly sleep at night with no problem if a hurricane passes by our region. FEMA acknowledged our Miami hotel’s hurricane preparedness and organization during Hurricane Irma. Click here to read the FEMA letter that we received in 2017.

Florida has a history with hurricanes during its hottest months because it’s so close to the tropics, but that doesn’t mean your business trip or vacation should be jeopardized. You’re completely safe when you spend the night at our soundproof and hurricane resistant hotel in Miami. Our trained and courteous staff will make sure you are secure and comfortable during all seasons of the year.

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