Friday, May 18, 2012

Another example of excellent service!!

We received this email from a guest that stayed with us recently. And we would like to say thank you to Ernesto Vaca for providing excellent service as always to our guests. Keep up the great work!
Hi Wendy, Silvia, Judy, and Masha: Yesterday morning, the day of my taping at FIU, we (the hotel) had called a cab for me at 7:30. But, despite several calls, no one showed up. Ernesto Vaca – their Director of Sales and Marketing, was amazing! He drove me in his own car (BMW I might add) for a smooth personalized ride to get me on time. Exceptional service from Comfort Suites! Thought of sharing this with you, for future reference. Thanks! Dita (Pramodita Sharma)

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