Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hurricane Proof

Hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th) is always a busy travel time for South Florida, whether visitors are coming into town for business or pleasure. Comfort Suites Miami would like you to know that there’s no concern for safety when you choose to work, play or simply relax and get away from it all on our grounds. Our hotel is structurally sound and designed to withstand high winds and inclement weather, while protecting both our staff and guests. We are also the closest hotel to the National Hurricane Center, and some emergency services for the Florida Keys even operate from our hotel during outer-island evacuations. Hurricane Resistant Our building offers reinforced exterior and interior concrete walls, floors and roof, even between rooms. Windows are designed to withstand 250 mph winds. And we have full power backup through a natural gas generator, which can provide air conditioning and electricity to the entire, fully occupied hotel. Our system cannot run out of fuel, since the gas lines run underground and are not supplied by a tank that would otherwise require refilling. At Comfort Suites Miami, you won’t be kept in the dark—even during strong storms and other adverse weather conditions. Sound Resistant A dual benefit to weather-resistant construction and shatter-proof windows is that our hotel is also sound resistant. You can unwind and enjoy ultimate privacy in your suite as you sleep, dine, surf online with Comfort Suites Miami’s complimentary Internet access or just spend time with your family, undisturbed. This also means that your peace won’t be disturbed by the sounds that might accompany loud windstorms, thunderstorms and downpours.


  1. On the east coast like Florida and other places, it should be a requirement to have hurricane resistant buildings. There are many executive suites in those types of hotels and if they are not protected, it can really effect them people inside.

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