Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 10 Suggestions for Your Miami Vacation

10. Don’t Look for Things to Complain About. When you’re on vacation in Miami and things don’t go exactly as planned, don’t immediately find someone to blame. Stay positive. Your mind is a powerful thing. Negative thoughts may subconsciously make things go awry.

9. Do Things You’ve Never Done Before. Miami offers many activities for visitors. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Do things that you don’t normally do at home. Staying indoors, sleeping late, checking emails, and watching a lot of TV in your Miami hotel is not a very good way of spending a vacation.

8. Ask Locals for Help and Suggestions. Most Miami guidebooks will tell you that if you want to see the real culture, hang out where the locals are. This is good advice. Try to avoid the tourist traps.

7. Use Sunscreen. Sunburns can be as bad as hangovers on a vacation so make sure you use appropriate sunscreen.

6. Bring Your Camera. Everyone wants to look back and remember fond memories of their trips so make sure you don’t forget your camera.

5. Don’t Drink Too Much. Your mission in Miami should not be completely focused on partying. There’s nothing worse than a hangover on vacation.

4. Check the Weather. South Florida has a rainy season from summer to early fall, so make sure you check the predicted weather conditions before booking your Miami holiday.

3. Call the Hotel in Advance to Confirm Your Reservation. Before you arrive, call the front desk manager at the Miami Hotel to confirm your reservation. You can ask for a non-smoking room, if that’s what you prefer. You can also ask for a room in the quiet part of the hotel. Make sure you don’t get stuck in a lousy hotel room.

2. Plan an Itinerary and Do Research. Get a map of where you’re going. Look for the best restaurants in Miami. Research interesting places to visit. Don’t leave everything up to chance.

1. Leave Work at Home. You work almost everyday back home so make sure you leave business behind. Enjoy your Miami vacation!


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