Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 10 Miami/Kendall Vacation Tips

It's time to start thinking about your summer vacation plans. Even with tight budgets during these tough economic times, vacations are still quite possible. Here are 10 vacation-planning tips when visiting the Miami/Kendall area.

1. Organize Carefully
To avoid a lot of problems, stay organized. Keep receipts and records of your entire Miami/Kendall vacation. Documentation is the key to making sure that you receive what you planned on getting.

2. Plan Accordingly
Odds are you will get better rates at hotels in Kendall if you plan ahead. With planning, you can have time to research several Miami hotel offers and vacation packages.

3. Visit Message Boards and Vacation Forums
To make sure you are spending your vacation funds wisely, do some Online research. Searching the Web for message boards and Miami/Kendall hotel reviews will give you a better idea of what you will actually get. Other travelers can provide useful information, and you can also learn from their mistakes.

4. Remember Safety
Investigate the safety of the area you will be visiting. Some parts of town may not be safe for you to explore. Be aware of your location and stay current with world issues. Be sure to check the State Department's Web site for travel warnings and alerts.

5. Set Your Priorities
Set your priorities before embarking on your vacation. What do you want to see on your trip? Your priority might be to visit Metrozoo or explore the Florida Everglades, so make sure you prioritize.

6. Look Into Unexpected Fees
Don't forget about taxis, possible checked baggage fees, tips for services and other unexpected costs that you might not foresee. Costs can add up quickly while traveling, and random problems like needing to buy a new purse or suitcase might pop up. Carrying a little bit of extra cash will help you cover these costs and help you stay on budget.

7. Find Alternate Means of Transportation
Traveling like the locals is usually the way to save money. Look into bus and train schedules to help save on cab fares. Inquire with local residents or the staff of your Miami/Kendall hotel for suggestions on local and affordable transportation.

8. Budget
How much money is in your vacation budget? If you have the funds, you may want to indulge in some of the area’s luxury attractions and restaurants.

9. Consider a Travel Agent
If your research skills aren't quite up to par, there are countless travel agents that will be happy to help you book your Miami/Kendall accommodations. They can also give you information about locations that the average person might not know, like an affordable hotel on the outskirts of town or a hole-in-the wall Miami/Kendall restaurant with the best cuisine in town.

10. Don't Stress Out
Remember to have fun while planning your South Florida vacation and don't stress. You don't want to get bitter about your vacation before you leave the house.


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