Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Suggestions for Booking Your Miami Hotel

Miami is an exceptional city any time of year. The beaches are as inviting in December as they are in July, and the weekend nightlife rocks all year long! The question of when to book your hotel in Miami is really based on the type of vacation you desire. You can choose the energy of peak season with tourism at its high and usually perfect winter weather, or you can choose low season for the most inexpensive fares and emptier beaches.

Typically, when Northern American states get cold, Miami tourism heats up. The peak season spans from January through April. Come to Miami during the peak season, and you'll find the city and its beaches packed to the max. If your Miami vacation plans must be during these peak months, make sure to book ahead of time and also expect high hotel costs, long waits, and crowded beaches. June through September is the low season, but Miami still gets many tourists during the summer.

Weather Information

Miami has warm weather all year long; highs are usually in the 70s and 80s. Humidity is at its worse in the summer months and can be quite irritating, especially to travelers that are used to dry heat. June has the least desirable weather, as it usually sees the most rainfall.

Florida is located within the hurricane belt, so Miami is at risk for hurricanes and tropical storms from June 1 to November 30. Prepare for travel during these months by purchasing travel insurance that covers you in the event of a hurricane.  Also keep a close watch on the weather forecast prior to your departure.

When to Save

You will find the least expensive rates for a Miami hotel during the low-season summer months, and weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends. In the peak season, you may find small price breaks by traveling midweek rather than on the weekend.

Dining and attraction prices are not so dependant on the seasons, but occasionally you'll find summer coupons that are not available during winter months. Hotels near Miami Zoo and other popular hot spots usually offer summer discounts directly associated with their nearest attractions, so you may want to seek them out.

When to Book

Many hotels in Miami sell out in advance on winter weekends, while in the summer, many hotels even post hopeful "Vacancy" signs in order to attract more business. The best rule of thumb is to book your vacation in Miami as far in advance as possible, especially if you have a specific vacation budget in mind. You will probably find many hotel discounts in the summer, but it's very important to book several months in advance for winter travel. Room prices rise as Miami hotels fill up, so the earlier you book, the cheaper the room rate you'll pay.


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