Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Ten Mistakes When Traveling to Miami or Kendall

1. Arriving Without a Place To Stay
Book your Miami hotel in advance – at least for the first night. You will need a place to put your suitcases down when you arrive. Wandering around jetlagged and desperate for a place to rest is never fun.

2. Forgetting About Transportation
Make sure you plan your trip from the airport to your Miami or Kendall hotel in advance. Cabs can be very expensive during Miami’s peak season, so do your research on options for public transportation.

3. Misplacing Your Passport
Spending your vacation tracking down consulates and misplaced documents is a waste of time. Make 2 copies of your passport, leave one copy at home with a friend or family member and keep the other copy in your luggage. If, for any reason, your passport is lost or stolen, just take your copy to your consulate so they can trace your passport number, cancel the original passport and give you a new one.

4. Traveling Without Medical Insurance
Being prepared for any accidents during your Miami vacation is important. Make sure you have appropriate medical coverage in case you need it.

5. Not Checking Your Roaming Fees
Using your cell phone in another state without an appropriate service plan could be surprisingly expensive. Contact your service provider to inquire about any extra service fees.

6. Forgetting to Call Your Credit Card Company
Give your credit card company a heads-up that you’ll be traveling or they may suspect fraud and suspend your credit card until you’ve confirmed purchases during your vacation.

7. Sticking To Tourist Traps
Inquire with local residents or the staff of your hotel in Miami for suggestions on the best local attractions, restaurants and events.

8. Not Using a Travel Agent
You can find sales and flight discounts when booking your flight to Miami through an agent. Don’t settle for regular rates. Discounts are usually available for those who seek them.

9. Making Changes to Your Flight Reservations
Postponing your departure date is one of the most common mistakes that travelers can make. Flight changes are available but usually at high costs.

10. Over Packing
Arriving at the airport with overweight suitcases can bust your travel budget even before you take off. Most airlines allow one bag for free, but you could be charged up to $100.00 for every additional piece of luggage or overweight bag.


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