Friday, October 28, 2016

Affordable Hotel Near Miami White Party

Find your affordable hotel near Miami White Party at Comfort Suites Miami. Miami White Party is an annual fundraiser party for HIV/AIDS research. Co-founder Frank Wager chose the all-white clothing theme because, as he said, "White stands for purity. White is elegant, non-political, non-combative and makes people look just plain beautiful." The very first White Party began many years ago as AIDS began decimating the gay population. Frank Wager and Jorge Suarez began planning an event they hoped would raise awareness and money to help fight HIV/AIDS in South Florida.

Frank Wagner died of AIDS in 1994 when he was only 42 years old. "One thing Frank wanted to do was reach out to young people, to get out the message about safe sex," said Barbara Shack, his widow. "And it turned into this fabulous party." Throughout the years, White Party has attracted celebrities including Madonna, Calvin Klein, Jennifer Lopez, Nell Carter, Yoko Ono, Expose and Cyndi Lauper.

The one-night fundraiser has evolved into a week of events that kicks off in late November with events in Miami and Miami Beach. Most of the parties are geared to gay men from all over the globe, but there are several events for lesbians and mixed crowds as well.

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Budget Hotel Near Miami Book Fair

Find your budget hotel near Miami Book Fair at Comfort Suites Miami. Miami Book Fair is an annual literary festival event realized by Miami Dade College. During eight days in November, hundreds of authors and thousands of readers converge in downtown Miami for the nation's premier literary festival.

Miami Book Fair, which has become a model for other literary fairs across the country, brings over 300 renowned national and international authors to a week-long celebration of all things literary and includes pavilions for translation, comics, children, and young adults. The mission of Miami Book Fair is to promote reading, encourage writing, and heighten an awareness of literacy and the literary arts in the city's multi-ethnic community.

Originally known as “Books by the Bay”, Miami Book Fair was founded in 1984 by Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus President, Eduardo J. PadrĂ³n, Books & Books owner, Mitchell Kaplan, Craig Pollock of BookWorks, as well as other local independent bookstore owners, in cooperation with the Miami-Dade Public Library System. The two-day street fair grew steadily each year and by the 1990s, the renamed Miami Book Fair had become the largest literary festival in the country.

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